the brand

The Brand

Susanagateira® is nowadays the reference brand in the Portuguese fitness sector, known for the quality, innovation and originality of it concept and products.

Entirely created, developed and produced in Portugal, the brand was born in 1997 and after an initial phase where the brand grew especially near the Fitness professionals, the brand grew gradually and imposed itself in a more and more competitive market, as the number one brand!

Today the brand counts with its own network of flag stores in the home market, which allow it to have a good presence near the consumers.

The concept behind the brand is resumed in two words: “Fitness Fashion” and clearly transposes what the bran, collection after collection, presents in the market. Garments adequate to the more demanding physical activities, but always with a strong and real concern on design and visual impact.

The high quality of the products, which can be verified on both the materials used and the quality of manufacturing, reinforces an activity that is sustained in the previous brand concept and that allowed the brand to achieve a gradual but constant penetration in several world markets.

All Susanagateira® garments are conceived to resist to an intense use and, at the same time, due to its natural comfort, to be suitable for a daily use.

Adding this to and unique, original, innovative and bold design, your Susanagateira® piece will always be unique and will allow you, to feel real good all days both physically and mentally.


Our Products

Our Products are entirely designed and produced in Portugal, using the most advanced and technically evolved fabrics and materials. This way Susanagateira® will assure high quality standard and performance both in your technical and in your casual clothes.

Cotton – Fabrics made of natural fibers. Products made of cotton fabrics are light, soft and give you maximum comfort.

Tactel ® - A concept based on comfort and thermo regulation capabilities. Its structure helps to maintain your body’s temperature within good values, promoting sweat evaporation very quickly. Your body will keep dry and your temperature stable. This will delay fatigue and will help to improve your performance and comfort.

Interloc® – Artificial and technically evolved fibers, give to this fabrics great resistance in maintaining both color and shape and also great durability. Made entirely in polyester products made with Interloc® will dry up very quickly and easy to maintain with basic home care.

Dry Clim® e Aqua Fit® – Technologically made fabrics, using micro fibers, that will promote sweat and humidity transfer to the outside giving you maximum comfort and well being. It will also help to control you body temperature, essential to achieve an optimal physical performance and also the comfort of having your skin always dry. Designed for high levels of physical activities. Quick dry. Made of 100% Polyester.

Microfresh® – High Technology fabrics developed with the use of micro fibers to improve athlete comfort. With its particular soft touch it will promote sweat evaporation, controlling body heat and avoiding sweat concentration in your body. Quick dry, made of Polyamide (90%) and Elasthane (10%).

Supplex® – this high technology fabric uses micro fibers to achieve unique properties. It looks like cotton, but has the comfort and elasticity of lycra and also the resistance and durability conferred by the little tiny filaments of nylon (Polyamide). It allows excellent sport performance and a much wider liberty. Their unique properties reduce odor formation and helps maintaining a constant body temperature. High durability and resistance with a perfect fit to your body. Made of Polyamide (90%) and Elasthane (10%)


Taking Care

Your  SusanaGateira®  garment is a piece that was produced through a very rigorous production flow since the creation process, by choosing the best fabrics, and until the moment of your purchase, in order to achieve a high quality standard.

To well preserve you Susanagateira® clothes is of most importance to follow some rules concerning it conservation, maintenance and cleanness. Doing so, you will be able to enjoy your favorite pieces for many and pleasant moments.

- All pieces should always be washed inside out;

- Pieces should not be hand washed;

- You should always use cold water and machine washing;

- Pieces should not be left for long periods in water with soap;

- When ironing you should avoid prints, logos and stamps;

- Never use drying machines;

- You should wash all colors separately;

- Never use washing machine at maximum temperature;

- Do not use bleach or detergent with bleach;

- Do not leave your clothes inside the washing machine, after finishing the laundering cycle;

- Do not leave sweated clothes closed inside your sport bag;

- Do not use abrasive materials in direct contact with your clothes.


Beyond those rules, there are some general ones that should also be carried out with your Susanagateira® clothes:

- High washing temperatures will always harm fabrics and it fibers;

- Always use neutral detergents and softeners;

- Do not keep your clothes wet;

- Always follow up all instructions regarding detergent use and dosage;

- Always respect recommended weight for your washing machine;

- Avoid direct Sun when drying your clothes;

- Clothes with zippers should be washed with these closed;

- Dark clothes should be dried out in the shadow and on its reverse side;

- Always study and examine tags with this kind of instructions present in your clothe;

- To best preserve clothes’ colors you should always use liquid detergents;

- Before washing your clothes you should remove all stains eventually existent;

- More delicate pieces should be washed inside a washing net to avoid damages.