by SusanaGateira

In every new collection, we use plenty of our energy to present you, as always, the best solutions, materials and, of course, that distinguish look. “Work, Train, Believe, Repeat” – the new collection by Susanagateira – follows the same rules.

This collection’s motto adapts to what we do daily; working, testing and always believing that we can go further each time and innovate each day. Using a rigorous materials selection that assures you technicality, performance and comfort, we work to achieve the perfect garments for your sports activities.

The conjugation of textures and printings with more sober fabrics, assures the perfect balance in each and every piece. Thinking in you, this collection is divided into 10 different themes, within which one you can freely combine and use the garments, so you will always find an option for you.

Models: Alexandre da Silva, Cláudia Vieira, Gonçalo Guimarães, Laura Lima, Maria Inês Neves, Sofia Novais de Paula, Tiffanie Jorge


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