Taking Care

Your garment Susanagateira® is a piece that was produced through a very rigorous production flow since the creation process, by choosing the best fabrics, and until the moment of your purchase, in order to achieve a high quality standard.

To well preserve you Susanagateira® clothes is of most importance to follow some rules concerning it conservation, maintenance and cleanness. Doing so, you will be able to enjoy your favorite pieces for many and pleasant moments.


Main recommendations to your clothes

- All pieces should always be washed on the reverse side;;

- Pieces should not be hand washed;

- You should always use cold water and machine washing;

- Pieces should not be left for long periods in water with soap;

- When ironing you should avoid prints, logos and stamps;

- Never use drying machines;

- You should wash all colors separately;

- Never use washing machine maximum temperature;

- Do not use bleach or detergent with bleach;

- Do not leave your clothes inside the washing machine, after finishing the laundering cycle;

- Do not leave sweated clothes closed inside your sport bag;

- Do not use abrasive materials in direct contact with your clothes.


Beyond those rules, there are some general ones that should also be carried out with your Susanagateira® clothes:

- High washing temperatures will always harm fabrics and it fibers;

- Always use neutral detergents and softeners;

- Do not keep your clothes wet;

- Always follow up all instructions regarding detergent use and dosage;

- Always respect recommended weight for your washing machine;

- Avoid direct Sun when drying your clothes;

- Clothes with zippers should be washed with these closed;

- Dark clothes should be dried out in the shadow and on its reverse side;

- Always study and examine tags with this kind of instructions present in your clothe;

- To best preserve clothes’ colors you should always use liquid detergents;

- Before washing your clothes you should remove all stains eventually existent;

- More delicate pieces should be washed inside a washing net to avoid damages.